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Top Quality Steel Fabrication Company in Dubai

Gracetech is a Top leading Metal Welding and Steel Fabrication company in Dubai among the best fabrication companies, offering a wide range of welding and fabrication work services to its industrial as well as residential clients looking for quality and speed altogether. From on-site manufacturing to industrial installation and even metalwork in a larger area, we can do it all with the most advanced tools and techniques.
In addition to this, we meet all the requirements of constructional areas and projects such as apartments, schools, metal strengthening projects, railway and so on, leaving remarkable impressions across the UAE.

Explore our comprehensive Fabrication Solutions

We are dedicated to delivering excellence to the fabrication industry with passion and sincerity. Here are the services you can expect from our expert engineers

Steel Structural Fabrication Work

For architects, designers, engineers and contractors, steel structure work is an ideal option as compared to other building materials. We at Gracetech have fully equipped craftsmen who perform steel fabrication and installation under the supervision of qualified managers and deliver expected results whether for small structure or industrial projects.

Metal Fabrication

Whether you are in need of a commercial kitchen set up or industrial metal structure, we are among the trusted metal fabrication companies in UAE that works to meet your ideas. Our specialists have been working in the industry for years, and understand the techniques of welding, assembling and finishing everything with ease. We can manufacture metal doors, industrial cabinets, shelves, equipment and more at the most competitive cost.

Gates & Railings

We install all kinds of products in terms of wooden and metal fabrication for residential and commercial space. Our engineers can make high-quality grab rails, fencing, gates with a strengthening process and quality welding. Whether you need handrails or residential gate designs, we can provide proven results for our clients.

General Engineering/ Fabrication

Our general engineering tasks include cutting and installation of drainage pipes, glass and more with plasma cutting techniques. In addition to this, we design frames for signboards, small fabrication projects as well as medium size structure fabrication including installation and removal etc.

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