The automatic garage door has its own charm and offers users with different benefits. In order to serve well for long years garage door demands for annual maintenance. Garage doors are used on daily basis very frequently and therefore the probability of repair work with the doors is high. Following some common troubleshooting tips are helpful in fixing the problem quickly. However, there are some issues with the garage doors which cannot be fixed easily; you can contact one of the Best Maintenance Company in Dubai for troubleshooting these garage door. Whenever you identify an issue with the door fix it at earliest as delaying may increase your problems and also cost you more for the repair work.

Check out these following easy troubleshooting tips for fixing your garage door problems.

Unable to operate door using remote control or keypad

At times users face issues like a garage door is not operating either with the remote control or keypad. In such type of situation first look whether the door is able to work properly with the wall switch. If the door is functioning well using wall switch then replace the battery of the remote control you are using. Reprogram the remote control to make it function properly again.

The garage door does not open completely

If your Garage doors stop opening completely then chances are your rollers are damaged or needs some lubrication. Check the rollers and replace all the damaged ones and also lubricate those which are having rust on them. The switch should be placed at a proper distance from the motor unit, therefore, look for it. Replace the switch if the issue persists.

After the garage door is open or closed the motor keeps running

The motor continues to run sometimes even after the door gets open or closed. This type of issue occurs suddenly very rarely as it is easily noticed when the installation of garage door opener is performed. If you face such type of issue then move away from the up-limit switch from the motor unit. Making little adjustment with the switch by placing it at the desired distance can help in fixing such issue.

The garage doors have become sticky

While opening or closing when doors become sticky then the problem can be with the track or rollers. Check whether the tracks are clean or not. If the track is having no problems then check the rollers. The rollers which are damaged need to be replaced. Lubricate all the rusty rollers as it will allow them to move more freely.

If in-case you fail to understand why actually you are facing problems with the garage doors or unable to troubleshoot the problem on your own then look for service providers for Garage Door Repair in Dubai. With them, you will find the best team of experts who have immense knowledge about the garage doors. These experts can help in quickly resolving the issue and make your garage door fully functional again.

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